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Fraudulent unemployment claims on the rise

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has seen a rise in fraudulent unemployment claims since the roll out of their new online filing system for unemployment claims. The Department has added a new layer of security that will require individuals to verify their identity when filing a new claim. 

Employers who receive Employer’s Notice of Application Request for Separation and Wage Information statement for an individual that has never worked for the employer or for a current employee that has not filed for unemployment should complete the requested information to let the Department know that the claim appears to be fraudulent. The employer should notify the employee if a fraudulent claim has been received using their personal information to allow the individual to take necessary steps to protect their identity.   

Individuals should follow the PAUC recommended steps for fraudulent unemployment claims by filing a police report and file a fraud report with the PAUC by going to can also call the fraud hotline 1-800-692-7469 with any questions. Please go to www.uc/ to find out more information.

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