Video Vault

  • Valuing Your Business

    Member of the Firm David Maaskant dives into business valuations and the importance of having a business plan in place.

  • Multi-State Taxation: Benefits of Pub. L. 86-272

    Tax Manager Evan Wabrick interprets Public Law 86-272 and the various types of nexus that your organization could face because of it.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Member of the Firm Kevin Kline explains merger and acquisition processes and their effect on your organization.

  • Manufacturing Exemption Considerations

    Tax Supervisor Victoria Fiorino explains how the manufacturing exemption and sales tax nexus can affect your business.

  • Human Resources Updates

    Human Resources Manager Laura Stover discusses the latest in Human Resources and how these updates affect your business.

  • The Research & Experimentation Tax Credit

    Tax Manager Angi Quigley discusses the lesser-known Research and Experimentation Tax Credit and how it can benefit your company.

  • Tax Update and Value Building

    Our tax professionals have a wealth of experience working with businesses of all sizes and structures. By matching your unique circumstances to possible solutions, you will rest assured that your tax liability is minimized as you comply with the law.

  • Guidance You Can Count On

    SEK is committed to serving our clients by providing professional accounting and consulting services that are based on a clear understanding of our clients and their business.

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